Presentation of Awards During ECOAT18 Industry Awards Banquet

Dr. George E. F. Brewer is generally credited with the original idea of electrodeposition of paint through his work and research during the late 1950’s while at Ford Motor Company. Through his initiative, the technology became more precise and the market expanded. Throughout his career, he published numerous papers and Patents. He earned many honors and awards in the areas of paint technology, chemistry, and engineering. After retirement, Dr. Brewer remained instrumental in the expansion of the market through his work as a coating consultant. His contributions to the industry were exemplary. By loaning his name to this prestigious award given during the ELECTROCOAT CONFERENCE, recipients stand out among the best in the field of electrocoating. The Brewer award began in 1990 and is awarded for the following categories: Paint and process technology; Market promotion of the technology; Application of the technology.

2018 George E.F. Brewer Award Recipients

James R. (Jim) Gezo, PPG Industries, Market Promotion of Electrocoat Technology
Jim has been involved in the technical development of electrocoat products and has been a major contributor to the promotion of the electrocoat technology throughout his career. He has also been a major contributor to The Electrocoat Association since its inception as a program speaker, committee and special project work involvement, and most recently the Conference Steering Committee Chairman.

Frederick Hess, UFS Corporation, Application of Electrocoat Technology
Frederick's industry contributions include the development of the modern tubular anolyte cell as well as innovations in modeling and monitoring electrical application in electrocoat systems. His company has also filled gaps in the industry for businesses trying to retrofit electrocoat systems with items such as ultrafiltration skids or paint feed systems.

Jack Loren, Membranes International Inc., Development of Electrocoat Technology
Jack has manufactured Anion Exchange Membranes for anolyte cells for over 35 years. He has implemented production techniques in use today to manufacture heterogeneous ion exchange membrane used in electrocoat systems worldwide. Because of his contribution, his company maintains leadership as the world’s number one supplier of Anion Exchange Membranes to the electrocoat industry.

Congratulations to these deserving and devoted professionals.


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